Stanley House Wedding Video Lancashire // Danny + Nina

Why do you want a film of your Stanley House wedding in Lancashire?: We want our video to be modern and fun, we want to capture the happiness of the day, everyone laughing, enjoying themselves etc. We much rather this than mushy romantic, telling each other how much we love each other ha ha! We love drone fly overs and for the video to be really modern rather than traditional – twirling in my dress, Danny having fun with the boys, basically capturing the atmosphere of the day.

Why did you choose Marriage in Motion wedding videos to create your Stanley House wedding video?: Your films are really modern and you do amazing flyovers – as the bride and groom are walking around, flying around the venue. You capture the natural moments so beautifully! Plus you have been wonderful to speak to from the start.

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc: What’s important in life? etc etc: So today (6th August) is our 10 year anniversary! And we are getting married on the Saturday that was closest available to our 10 year anniversary 🙂 We’ve been together since school, got through uni together and we’re still as happy as ever! I am an accountant (with personality!) and Danny is a solicitor (we’re fun not boring don’t worry!). We love travelling round the world; we are heading to Australia and a cruise round the Pacific Islands and Fiji on honeymoon. We officially moved in together 4 years ago but Danny always lived with my mum and dad ever since we got together really. Everyone wonders why it took Danny so long to propose!

The proposal? …Tell us everything (all the gushy details): I had organised a surprise 30th birthday holiday for Danny – a cruise round the Caribbean in February 2017 (he knew we were going away). What I didn’t know was that he was planning to propose to me on that holiday! Low and behold he couldn’t plan much because he had no idea where he was going. On his actual 30th birthday, we were in The Bahamas and I had organised a relaxing day on the most beautiful beach in Princess Cays. We got off the ship early so we could make the most of the day and whilst wandering round in the beach, there was no one there, he decided to get down on one knee and propose! Beautiful and amazing! He told reception on the ship that morning he was going to propose so after our amazing day the ship went all out with balloons in our room and we had a lovely meal a speciality restaurant that night! We are both as romantic as each other ha ha!

Why did you choose a Stanley House wedding?: It was important to us to have exclusivity, for us to hire a whole place and have the place to ourselves – I have a massive family and a lot of my family are coming over from Poland for the wedding so we wanted somewhere where our guests could stay for the whole weekend and make the most of it. As a result, we have hired the whole of Stanley House for the weekend! We love the countryside and the Ribble Valley so Stanley House was perfect (and Stanley is my dad’s name too!) The venue is modern and the rooms are beautiful for our guests to stay in.

What experience do you want to give to your guests at Stanley House?: Modern, not traditional or soppy, we just want to capture the happy atmosphere of the day. And we want to try and get as many people on the video as possible because this is going to be our memory of everyone.