Why do you want a film of your Preston Marriott wedding?: So that we have the memories forever on video.. to hear all of the speeches again.

Why did you choose Marriage in Motion wedding videos to create your Preston Marriott wedding video?: The whole process of choosing people to help with our wedding, I (Megan) would always get a feeling when I knew it was the right choice and having looked on a lot of wedding videographers pages, as soon as I saw your website and previous wedding videos I knew you were right for us.. and when I showed David he loved your work.

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc: We both work full time, Meg as an admin assistant in a banner printing company and David is a supervisor at BAE.
We love spending time with our families, going out, seeing friends, shopping (Meg).. we have our 2 rabbits Pickle and Pepper that we adore and David treats them like his babies!.. what’s important to us in life is happiness, love and having fun.

The proposal? …Tell us everything (all the gushy details): This is quite a long story! David has been planning this for months and whilst I was visiting my best friend in Tokyo the week before we got engaged that’s when all his preparation started! He went and got the ring with my brother and sister.. asked my mum and dads permission.. and made the proposal film.. he put together a slideshow of photos of us together and with friends etc and on the day he proposed we had planned a mother’s day/davids birthday meal (as it was davids birthday the day before).. so David and his sister had worked together to pretend the slideshow was from his sister to him as a present but his sister wanted me to ‘check the pictures out’ to make sure they were okay.. so I was sat in the restaurant and we all started to watch this slideshow (and i’d told David to wait in the car for 10 mins as I was looking at one of his birthday presents).. then when the slideshow came to and end everyone went quiet and David was in the door way.. he said a few words then got down on one knee and that’s when I cried a lot and said yes! We got it on film as everyone knew what’s the meal was really for so we can also keep that memory forever!

Why did you choose a Preston Marriott wedding?: Why this place above anywhere else?: We went to look around a couple of other places before Preston Marriott and just had ‘that feeling’ that made us know it was the right place.. it can hold all of our guests and we have everything need in the one big room.

What experience do you want to give to your guests at Caswell House?: A fab fun wedding.. with lots of laughter and dancing in a room
filled with love and our loved ones 🙂

Venue: Preston Marriott

Wedding Car – Broughton Wedding Cars
Florist and table decorator – Sonje Jones
Cake – Lazy Days at Lytham
Entertainment – PC Roadshows
Dress Shop – Mears Ghyll
Photographer: ER Photography

Wedding Videography: Marriage in Motion