Peckforton Castle Wedding Video Cheshire // Sophie + Edward

Why do you want a film of your Peckforton Castle wedding in Cheshire?: I have a lot of friends who have gotten married recently and those who did not have a videographer regretted it, those that did said it was the best use of wedding budget! When you are the bride or groom, you spend so much time getting ready, having photos, mingling etc that you miss a lot of the other details and large sections of your own wedding. To capture the whole thing on video means that we will be able to see every part of our wedding and from the perspective of a guest. At the same time, we can share our wedding with those that were unable to attend and look back on it in the future.

Why did you choose Marriage in Motion wedding videos to create your Peckforton Castle wedding video?: You have provided videography at our venue before (Peckforton Castle) so know the ins and outs already! At the same time, having looked through your previous videos, I love the way you capture everything in a ‘movie’ rather than just a video – the combination of angles, slow motion, focus etc. just looks stunning on the final edit. I really love that you have a drone as well as the venue and location is perfect for aerial shots!

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc: We both work for the same consultancy firm in London so lead very busy, stressful working lives. We have little time to socialise and even littler money because we have been saving up for the wedding for the past 2 and a half years! We both love the outdoors though and all things adventure – we are spending our honeymoon in New Zealand hiking, cycling, and doing all the adrenaline junkie activities we can cram into 3 weeks! In an ideal world, we would live somewhere beautiful like the Scottish highlands/Ireland/Norway, leading a simple life with lots of dogs!

The proposal? …Tell us everything (all the gushy details): 2 things I love – snow and Christmas (which is a big deal in my family!). For the proposal, Edd booked a getaway to a tiny log cabin in the Cairngorms in Scotland – hills all around, log fire, bedroom in the attic up a ladder, all very romantic. He booked in early Marsh to guarantee snow, unfortunately, this week turned out to be the hottest in the UK and we were hiking in shorts and T’shirts soaking up the sun! One night, in from of the fire, he gave me a ‘present’ which was a glass bauble engraved with ‘will you marry me’ – then a beautiful ring!

Every year now I can hang the bauble on my Christmas tree as a keepsake – all boxes ticked!

Why did you choose a Peckforton Castle wedding?: I love the traditional and romantic feel of church buildings but, as neither of us are religious, we couldn’t get married in a church. We came across Peckforton Castle on a google search and I straight away fell in love with the Great Hall which had all the makings of a Church, dark brick, high ceilings, tile floor, all very romantic.

The rest of the castle doesn’t disappoint either and after having our first viewing (of any venue) we fell in love and booked there and then….purely by coincidence, Edd was also born and raised in Chester!

What experience do you want to give to your guests at Peckforton Castle?: Sounds very stereotypical and boring but we just want our guests to have a great time, lots of food and drink and enough music to keep them going til 2am!