Singleton Lodge Wedding Video // Lizzie and Matt

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?: My parents (Lizzie) had their wedding video’d and I love watching it back. I’ve also seen other people’s more recent wedding videos and just want to capture the day and any other good bits we might miss.

Why did you choose Marriage in Motion wedding videos?: I saw one of your videos on Facebook and loved it, when we started making enquiries and I watched more videos I liked how the sense of fun was captured so well.

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc: We both work together actually and are chartered accountants (not as boring as it sounds!) we work in the same department so sometimes we do spend a lot of time together. Matt is more senior and when I (Lizzie) work on his jobs it can get a bit frustrating when he questions my work, but he’s very good at what he does so he’s more useful than anything. Outside of work we live in quite a rural area so go on lots of walks, running together etc.

Matt loves nothing more than a good pie and a pint of hobgoblin, he’s planning on having a pint and a fry up before the wedding. We are both close to our families, Lizzie’s mum is one of 5 so there’s lots of cousins and little ones on that side. We have lots of great friends. Matt went to Nottingham uni and Lizzie went to York so we have friends all over the country. We both did maths at uni so pretty much have the same interests.

The proposal? …Tell me everything (all the gushy details): The only other person that knew was Lizzie’s dad. We went for a walk up a nearby hill (Nicky Nook near Scorton) it’s my (Lizzie’s) favourite place for a long walk as the views are amazing. Matt wanted to propose at the summit but there was a family taking a photo so I offered to take one of all of them. He proposed slightly further down where no one could see.

At first I asked if it was a joke as Matt’s brother was recently engaged so I wasn’t expecting it but took the ring regardless! I don’t remember much after that as I was crying but it was a really nice spot and I’ve been back since. I had already arranged to meet my parents at a nearby cafe so my mum had a great reaction when she turned up! It was a lovely sunny day as well, perfect.

St.Thomas Church in Garstang and Singleton Lodge Country House Hotel? … Why these places above anywhere else?: St Thomas church in Garstang is where I (Lizzie) was christened. Other than when at uni I have always lived in the Garstang area and always wanted to get married there. Matt was happy for us to get married at that church as he is confirmed and a church wedding is something important to his family.

We then started looking at venues within half an hour of the church as with there being young/old guests we didn’t think it was fair to travel much further. Between the location and the capacity we needed this narrowed it down nicely. Matt had been to Singleton Lodge before but when we pulled up it just felt right and we both really liked the relaxed feel.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?: Just to have lots of fun and be happy! We’re just looking forward to everyone being together and having a nice time.