Why do you want a wedding videographer for your Laura Ashley Belsfield Hotel wedding in The Lake District?: There will be parts that each other will not see, like getting ready. Me having a drink with my Father and future fathers in law (dad and stepdad). Being able to see the motion of the day rather than stills, peoples reactions and emotions. Being able to replay the day in years to come that photos just don’t get.

Why did you choose Marriage in Motion wedding videography to create your Laura Ashley Belsfield Hotel wedding video in The Lake District?: We searched loads and loads of various videographers. Nobody had your touch of class and ability in capturing the parties atmosphere and meaning. We were sold after viewing the French wedding. We just thought everybody else just seemed a bit naff!! Even to this day, I see videos on FB that are shockingly bad!!! (others of course)

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc: Faye – Solicitor /Director. Dom – Finance Manager (Fayes kind of one of my bosses). We both work hard, so we like to enjoy the finer things in life. Especially Food and Wine. We love Michelin Starred restaurants and most definitely HOLIDAYS! Especially with the two boys. Travelling with them and taking them to different countries and cultures we feel is the best education in life! Obviously school comes first (we are not hippies). Due to these luxuries we HAVE to exercise , which we really enjoy. We work, live, train together. To be honest we are rarely apart!

The proposal? …Tell us everything (all the gushy details):After a busy year (Singapore, Thailand, Prague, Andorra Skiing, Glamping in Norfolk, Honk Kong (Faye on her own) Tenerife, Malaga) we were saving and cutting back on our exuberance. Christmas was on the way and cash was NEEDED!! We were taking things easy, no eating out or wild days and nights out. I crumbled around the end of September and I planned a secret supposedly low key night out in Manchester. We stayed at Media city…… that’s when the fun started. Alchemist, Gin bar, to city centre with the glad rags on. Couple of high end bars we arrived at James Martins restaurant. A fabulous meal , with Faye saying I feel like your going to propose, after we had just had major life discussions. I emptied my pockets to prove to her…… (ring hiding in my jacket – how she didn’t see the box I don’t know). Now slightly oiled , I (Dom) had booked a seat at cloud 23 by the windows. We arrived and a few cocktails followed. I switched the conversation back to our life discussion. We were sat on low chairs. Faye hates being centre of attention, so I slipped off the seat , which I still looked like I was sat on but did have a knee on the floor :-). Ferreting around in my pocket , Faye said NO. I finally released the stupidly big box from my pocket and cordially asked her to marry me. Faye didn’t believe me and repeated the words REALLY at least 12 times!!! To which she said Yes after what felt like an eternity. We had a little cry – followed by the most expensive bottle of champagne I’ve ever bought in my life! We were already rolling and tbh – didn’t need it! Faye was the girl who never wanted to get married! I was the boy who would never marry again.

Why did you choose a Laura Ashley Belsfield Hotel wedding in The Lake District? We feel the venue represents our personalities , being slightly glam and not too pretentious.

What experience do you want to give to your guests at The Belsfield Hotel Cumbria?: A day of luxury and splendour , laughter and enjoyment. Wow factor. One to remember. One like any other. To set the bar and leave it there!! Party, drinking and dancing 🙂


“We have been meaning to write this all weekend! The reason we haven’t is because we have been watching the WEDDING VIDEO on REPEAT!!!!!

Its absolutely PHENOMINAL!! We literally watched it for 6 hours on Thursday night 6.00pm through to 12.00am. I cannot thank you both enough. The way the speeches have been laid with our laughs from different moments , the straw doubling as a trumpet. The heart felt emotion that just gets relayed to the watcher is just unbelievable.

We played it on Saturday night at a friends house (birthday party) to all our friends that attended our wedding. I just want to share a few comments with you that we echoed around the room :

“I didn’t realise there was a block buster production going on around us!”
“Who even were the wedding videographers? – I didn’t see them once!”

Faye and I and the family are absolutely blown away with the final product. A story of our day that will be with us for the rest of time. A story that you and Lauren captured so beautifully it makes me cry every time I watch it. I cannot thank you enough for what you have produced for us. When we were looking for wedding videographers , there was nobody in the market that had your elegance and care for the wedding videos. A choice was so simple after watching samples of your videos. I’ve said it three times now but wish to repeat it again THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! Dominic & Faye“

Wedding Videographer: Marriage in Motion Wedding Videography
The Lakes Venue: The Belsfield
Photographer: James Jebson

Lake District Wedding Videography // Laura Ashley : The Belsfield Hotel // Lake District Wedding Video in Windermere, Cumbria